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The Law Office of John C. Kim, P.C.

The core value of JCKLAW is this: WE ARE WHO YOU ARE. For over a dozen years, we have served as a boutique law firm with a deep commitment to the diverse patchwork of communities throughout New York and New Jersey. Our staff is diverse. Our clients are diverse. Ranging from real estate to matrimonial matters to bankruptcy and debt solutions, and everything in between, our practice areas are as diverse as they need to be. For every client we advise and counsel, we use solid judgment – refined over many years – to obtain workable solutions and results for all. And in the quality of representation of such individuals, families, and businesses across this wide range of practice areas, we take great pride in adhering to our core value – we are who you are. At the Law Office of John C. Kim, P.C. we believe ALL New Yorkers deserve fair, caring and quality representation.

Please watch John C. Kim’s recent interview on the popular program Uncensored “Rhymes & Reason,” a talk show produced and hosted by Caribbean Americans. The firm’s commitment to the Caribbean American communities of Brooklyn and in all of New York City lead to Mr. Kim’s invitation to speak on issues of debt resolution, foreclosures and divorce on this vital program. He hopes the viewers gained some important insights into important every day legal issues that arise in living a life here in the Big Apple. He had a wonderful time with these fantastic ladies and looks forward to appearing again soon.

If you want to see more, Uncensored “Rhymes & Reason” can be seen on FRIDAYS AT 8PM ON RCN 84 | FIOS 44 | TWC 56/1998 | CABLEVISION 69 | DASHTV.TV | CTVN.TV | YOU TUBE

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