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First opened in 2005 in the central downtown Brooklyn area in the same year his child was born, John C. Kim had a vision of a certain type of law practice – to provide quality legal representation for the multi-cultural community of New York City, of which he and his family were now a part. The firm has matured and expanded in the years that followed, with an opening of a second office in Flushing, Queens in 2012. With this expansion and the addition of additional staff to handle the needs of our multi-cultural clients, we are now able to provide the quality of representation Mr. Kim first envisioned for the practice.

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Who We Are

Who we are begins and ends with you. You are hard-working New Yorkers, people who have strived and struggled to make a life in New York. You are police officers and teachers, MTA workers and bus drivers, 9-5’ers and business owners, nurses and home health aides, artists and musicians, store clerks and security guards, doctors and lawyers, bodega owners and taxi drivers…you are the people who make this great city run. In 2005 and now for over a dozen years, JCKLAW was conceived and continues, proudly and diligently, to help you to keep this great city everything that it is.

John C. Kim

John C. Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to the United States in 1971 as a five year old. Brought up by business owning parents in Baltimore, Maryland, he is proudly both Korean and American, embracing the best of both worlds. As a seasoned, respected attorney for nearly 20 years who handles cases across m...

Sunjae Lee

Sunjae Lee was born in South Korea, and came to the U.S. in 1995. Living and educated in America’s heartland - Kansas and Ohio - his diverse background allows him an empathetic understanding of his client's needs and goals – a vital skill in his legal tool kit. Fluent in English and Korean, he employs his language and ...

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