So. This is the official “kick off” for our newly branded, growing firm. If you want the full scoop please explore our website fully. We’ve designed it to be both informational and as a reflection of who we are as attorneys and people.

In short, JCKLAW firm is embarking on its next stage of growth. In addition to over 20 years of experience in various practice areas – Debt Resolution including an in-depth focus on Bankruptcy Resolutions as well as Matrimonial, Real Estate, and Immigration – we have revitalized and reinforced our services with more locations and upgraded offices and additional staff. In addition to Sunjae Lee, whose role as associate attorney at JCKLAW firm for the past 4 years help lead this growth, our firm is launching our passion in O-1 Visa matters for existing and new clients. O-1 Visa specifically serves creative professionals (artists, designers, architects, photographers, film and television professionals, etc.). Entertainers (musicians, models, actors, etc.). Students. Athletes. Scientists and academics. The list goes on. Please see About Us on this website to meet Sunjae.

So. Why are we doing this?

Professionally, in college and law school I learned the theories and concepts of economics, business, and the law. Since working as an attorney in New York City for over 20 years now and operating a successful practice beginning in 2005, I learned the mechanics – the nuts and bolts – of how best to serve my clients. JCKLAW firm has represented successfully thousands – yes, thousands – of clients over this time period. In doing so, we apply the law in helping our clients achieve real life goals – whether in buying a business or house, seeking reorganization of their debts, or having their O-1 visas approved. Make no mistake, we bring experienced, hard-nosed lawyering and in depth knowledge to the table in all areas of our practice but now, in the latest iteration, we bring it more specifically to the arena of the artist.

Personally, those who know me know I love art (almost as much as I love the law), specifically filmmaking. Apart from my professional life, I even carved out time to dabble in filmmaking myself over the years (even winning a few awards in the short film format in local competitions). As I referred to in my bio on the About Us section of this website, in many ways movies were my first education, before my education as an attorney. To this day, they continue to teach me the primacy of empathy and bring new perspectives to my life and to the law.

So there’s your answer – the new JCKLAW firm is a merging, a confluence, a coming together of my professional AND personal identities. I am not a big fan of tropes used in marketing but our PASSION PERSPECTIVE RESULTS was not the product of a random motto generator, it is who we are as people and attorneys. And we are here to help.


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