The essential key towards preparing a successful O-1 visa petition is to weave together a patchwork of selective evidentiary materials that when put together, will effectively evidence and establish your “extraordinary ability or achievement”. In doing so, we will collaborate closely with you from beginning to end to obtain all the necessary materials needed for the O-1 petition.

Here are the 10 steps to preparing the O-1:


1. RESUME: Send us your detailed resume

2. TIMELINE: Discuss timeline of each of the preparation steps to follow. Generally –

  • Document gathering and case plan creation by client in consult with attorney 2-4 weeks
  • Case preparation by attorney – variable depending on the case but generally 1-3 weeks

3. SPONSORSHIP: Decide on sponsorship type (employer or agent)

4. RECOMMENDATION LETTERS: Provide a list of at least seven references who can provide recommendation letters commenting on your professional experience and achievements.

5. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: Prepare supporting documentation (media articles related to professional projects, copies of awards/publications, 3-year itinerary, employment letter(s), portfolio, signed recommendation letters, etc.)

6. ADVISORY OPINION: Obtain advisory opinion from the appropriate consulting entity

7. FORMS & FEES: Obtain signed immigration forms and filing fees

8. SUBMISSION: Submit O-1 package (USCIS processing times vary between 1-3 months. For an additional “Premium Processing” fee, USCIS will process the case within 15 calendar days)

9. RFE RESPONSE: Respond to any Request for Further Evidence (“RFE”)

10. CHANGE OF STATUS/VISA: Once approved, change of status (if in the US already, status change occurs upon approval) or consular processing to obtain O-1 visa (in your home country)


With experience and knowledge accumulated over the course of handling numerous cases, we approach each case with an effective methodology that maximizes the chances of obtaining an approval. While the O-1 requirements may seem intimidating, the process can be smooth sailing with advanced planning. Formulating a detailed plan and timeline at the beginning goes a long way to track and manage the progress of the case. We will guide you along each and every step of the way.

For more information on the O-1 visa and how you can apply for one, contact our office at 718-539-1100 or

*Downloadable pdf: The O-1 Preparation Process Simplified


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