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New Yorkers of all walks of life are impacted by unexpected turns: unemployment, underemployment, health-related issues, divorce. These events also happen to be the main causes of why many individuals and families in the United States, as in New York, find themselves in financial distress. In 2005, 1.6 million Americans sought financial relief by filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws were created to protect Americans in the case of such financial distress, to get a fresh start. Recently, the bankruptcy laws have become tougher. Adding insult to injury, credit card companies have been allowed to increase minimum payments. Interest rates are also up.

Overwhelming debt can destroy the little peace you have. Collection agencies call constantly, lawsuits are being filed against you, or, worst of all, your bank accounts or paychecks may have been frozen or garnished. All the while, you’re barely able to keep up with expenses, perhaps borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. You see no end in sight.

There is an end in sight. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The laws may have changed but the option of bankruptcy relief is still available for all New Yorkers. We know the new law and we can provide effective solutions for you.

There are various chapters in the current bankruptcy law, we can take a close look at the facts of your case and determine which chapter is right for you. If you are able to proceed, we’ll begin taking care of the harassing telephone calls from creditors. We’ll stop garnishment of wages and unfreeze bank accounts. We can even help you sue third party creditors and collection agencies if they have violated the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) in trying to collect money from you. Lastly, we will guide you to a new financial life after you receive your discharge by providing information on how to repair and rebuild your credit.

Wipe away your debts. Make unethical creditors pay you . Rebuild your credit. In the United States, credit is key. Laws are created to protect you, the consumer. Only an experienced and caring attorney can help you achieve this peace of mind within the parameters of applicable law. All these goals can be achieved with the Law Office of John C. Kim, P.C. We’ve done it for our hundreds of clients and we can do it for you.

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