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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a very serious matter to you, and to us. Remember, we are committed to your privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to all information collected or submitted on the website concerning personally identifiable information. However, this Policy does not apply to other entities that we do not own or control or persons that are not our employees, agents or within our control. Your Personal Information collected through this website may be as follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Information
  • Financial Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Spouse’s Name Spouse’s Address/Dates(s) of Birth)/Financial Information/Social Security
  • Child(ren) name(s)/Date(s) of Birth/Social Security Number(s)

We use the information you provide about yourself, spouse and children when your request a free consultation and or legal services. We never share this information with anyone outside of our law firm without your permission.

In the event you choose to use links that appear on our site to visit other web sites, you are advised to read the privacy policies that appear on those sites.

You understand that we cannot guarantee your privacy. While this Privacy Policy states our standards for maintenance of Your Personal Information and we will make efforts to meet them, we are not in a position to guarantee these standards. There may be factors beyond our control that may result in disclosure of Your Personal Information. As a consequence, we disclaim any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of Your Personal Information.

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