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Singaporean Architect's O-1 Approved within 9 Days! 8 Feb, 2019

Country of Origin: France

Occupation: Architectural designer

Our client from Singapore is an architect who has worked internationally in the U.K. and throughout Asia as well. Due to his stellar level of work history and professional experience, all was smooth sailing in obtaining an instant approval for this much deserving client.

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Japanese Chef to Work at L.A. Michelin Star Sushi Restaurant after his O-1 Case Approved! 5 Feb, 2019

Country of Origin: Japan

Occupation: Chef

With his O-1 approval, our famous Japanese chef client is ready to start work at a top michelin-star restaurant in Los Angeles. His creations are truly a work of art and USCIS certainly agreed by granting an approval without any RFE issuance. Congratulations!

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Italian Architect is Ready to Embark upon his long-awaited Dream! 14 Jan, 2019

Country of Origin: Italy

Occupation: Architect

Congratulations to our Italian architect who’s O-1 was approved. Although he was a junior level architect with less than 3 years of professional experience, we prepared a strong O-1 petition weaving together the series of professional work experience he has had since his undergraduate days in university and ensuring to accentuate the most notable parts of his career. Also, he was able to obtain several exceptional recommendation letters from very well-renowned architects with whom he had previously worked with. With a thrill of anticipation, he is eager to embark upon his career in the United States, something he has been longing for since childhood apparently!

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Australian Television Producer is Ready to Produce his First Show! 6 Dec, 2018

Country of origin: Australia

Occupation: Television Producer

From all the way down under, our client is a television producer who is now ready to produce his first television show in the United States! After having been denied O-1 status, he approached JCKLAW to repackage his credentials and re-submit his O-1. After having waited 6 months since his previous denial, he was ecstatic to find out that his O-1 was approved. We look forward to watching his show on TV in the very near future. Congratulations!

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